Exquisite Terrarium for Singapore Urbanites

Each terrarium is crafted exquisitely to perfection, bringing about simplicity and tranquility. Our visually stunning terrariums serve as excellent gifts for all occasions.

Why Buy Terrarium?

Perfect Choice for Urbanites

Minimal Maintenance

Self-substainable ecosystem.

Meaningful Gifts

Memories captured in Miniature garden. Unique personalised gift in Singapore.

Deco for your Office & Home

Adding greeneries to your space constraint office and homes.

Miniature Garden

Watch the growth of plants in small green capsule.

Our Miniature Garden Designs


Cactus & Succulents Terrarium

Low maintenance plants in open terrarium.


Moss Terrarium

Self Sustainable Ecosystem mini greenhouse.

Waterfall Terrarium

Waterfall Terrarium

Incorporating waterfall features for realistic & scenic terrarium view.

Bonsai Terrarium

Viewing Bonsai in the miniature world

Design with You in Mind!

Offering all types of terrariums. Plants are tested to stay in these small bottles under normal conditions. Watering kit provided for ease of maintenance.

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Customers' Reviews

"J&J Terrarium provides good after sales service. As a beginner, they are ready to offer me advice how to take care of my terrarium with just a call away."Catherine Goh
"J&J Terrarium provides me gift packaging when I informed them that the terrarium is given to a friend as gift. This is my second purchase and will go back to them frequently. "Eric Lau
"The designers know the characteristics of the plants used in terrarium inside out. They provide me with watering kit to water the plants easily. "Lorine Liew