Maintenance Free Closed Terrarium. Is that a dream?

General Care

Terrariums are beautiful addition to the home or office. However, is it possible to get a maintenance free closed terrarium? Before we answer this question, lets start off to understand how a closed terrarium works.

How a closed terrarium works?

Closed terrarium is a mini Greenhouse. Plants process sunlight and carbon dioxide. This is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis produces oxygen and plant food essential for a plant’s growth. As a terrarium is usually made of glass, sunlight can get through, allowing plants to photosynthesize and grow.
A closed terrarium is an enclosed ecosystem. The moisture from both the potting mix and plants has nowhere to escape through evaporation, so it condenses on the sides of the terrarium and plants and re-waters the soil keeping all the little plants happy and hydrated. For this reason, closed terrariums only require minimal watering every couple of weeks and I would say it’s an ALMOST maintenance free terrarium.

Placement of Your Closed Terrarium

LIGHT. The plants in a closed terrarium require bright light but no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will cook your plants due to the prolonged high temperature.
If you cannot find a suitable area, a desktop USB lamp plugged into a timer could be use as well to provide the light the plants need and with a recommended timer on-off cycle setting of 6 hours.

When to intervene your terrarium?

1) Diseased plants should be removed immediately and if any mildew or mold develops, remove the object and rinse before replacing.
Remove any dead plant or leaves in the terrarium as it will encourage fungal growth.
2) When the plants have grew too tall and hit the glass cover, it’s time to prune your plants for up keeping the aesthetic of your terrarium.
3) A good habit of opening up the cap of your terrarium once a month for 10 min to allow for fresh air exchange. Your plants will love you!!!
4) Watering the plants when it starts having tell tale signs such as leaves yellowing of dehydration.
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