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Are you confused over these terms Terrarium, Paludarium & Vivarium?

General Information

Ever get confused why there are so many types of ‘-ium’ in this world. Now let us enlighten you what these terms mean.


You should be more familiar with the term terrarium sold on our website. Terrarium is a mini greenhouse for raising small plants. It can be in an enclosed environment aka Closed terrarium or raising plants in a glass bottle with no cap. Puddles of real water is not used in terrarium. Water features made of hardening resin is common.


A Paludarium is an enclosed or partially, transparent tank housing plants and sometimes animals. Most importantly, it consists of both water and land area. Amphibious animals are appropriate choice for Paludarium as they thrive in both land and water.


A vivarium (Latin, literally for “place of life”) is an enclosed area for keeping and raising animals and plants. It is more of a complete ecosystem supporting both animals, insects and plants simulating forest on a smaller scale through environmental conditions control.

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