Care for your Haworthia Limifoila

General Care

For customers who have bought our Pinefortune to celebrate this Chinese New Year, this is your plant care guide.

Understanding the plant

Haworthia Limifolia [ha-WORTH-ee-a lim-ih-FOH-lee-uh] is a charming, indoor succulent. This plant is native to the South Africa and cultivate in the early 1900s. It rarely grows more than 4 inches in diameter and more than a few inches tall.

It is recognized by its rosette of triangular leaves with distinct ridges. These distinct ridges resemble the texture of a washboard and thus, its common name– Fairies Washboard.

The plant does produce flower cluster in the summer, but the flowers are not showy. They appear in a cluster from the top of a 14″-inch stem growing from the center of the rosette.

Haworthia Limifolia Care

One distinct characteristics of Haworthia is its thick and hardy leaves. Its leaves are full of water. If it gets soften, it is a signal that the plant is dehydrated. Water is needed. As such, Haworthia makes an excellent houseplants even for beginners.

Haworthia are able to tolerate low, indoor light. However, they do not tolerate direct sunlight. Leaves tips may be burnt off and leaves may turn red.

Haworthia are particularly easy to grow and rarely affected by common succulent pests and diseases. Strong, drought-tolerant roots will grow if they have great drainage and infrequent water. It is important not to over water as it will induce root rot.

Haworthia are slow growers and tend to stay small in pots, but they will produce new offsets in clumps around their bases. These offsets can be left to develop into a dense clump or pulled off and transplanted.

How to water Pinefortune with J&J Watering Kit?

Customers would have received J&J watering kit together with Pinefortune. There will be gaps under the first layer of leaves. You will notice the top layers are filled with rocks. Water directly onto the rocks with J&J water kit. Not on the leaves as leaves do not absorb water. Water once every month and sparingly since the soil are enclosed in the pot and does not dry up easily. Alternatively, you could use a syringe for watering to reach down the roots.

Take good care of your Pinefortune and we hope you have a ‘Wang Wang’ year ahead!