About Us

Our core values.


Continuous innovation and coming out with new techniques making terrarium. Research & development of new plants up keeping and maintenance.

We Pursue Excellence

Design with you in mind. Providing you with ease in maintaining for example watering kits, strong anchoring of miniatures, special packaging.


Educating our terrarium lovers on how to make and care for their terrarium.


With the advancement in technology, we utilise 3D printing technology to customize gardening pots, miniatures to the needs of customers. Unleashing unlimited possiblities you could have in your terrarium. If you have an idea, we have a way.

About our process...

Plants Growth Observation

01 Before plants are utilized in our terrarium, they are placed in our R&D bottles to observe their growth and whether they suited for growth in enclosed environment.

02 We will observe the growth rate of plants in enclosed environment and select those plants with medium growth rate to remove the need for pruning every now and then.

Terrarium Design

01 Choosing plants and ensure compatibility between plants in terms of aesthetics and water needs. Segregating plants with high watering needs from plants which do not. Also, the type of soils to use on various plants.

02 Layout has to be easy for watering and maintenance.

03 Different anchoring techniques to be used to ensure plants, woods and miniatures are secured during delivery process.

Ongoing Monitoring

01 1 week terrarium observation period before releasing the design to the market.

02 Terrarium moisture control for new enclosed terrarium when it is establishing its own self substaining eco-system.

Packaging & Delivery

01 Standard packaging for terrarium lovers. Various gift packaging options available based on the gift events.

02 Every terrarium design is unqiue. Terrarium Care instruction postcard customized based on each terrarium needs.

03 Watering kit provided for ease of watering.