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Past terrarium designs bought by our customers.

Like any of our designs, request for pre-order. Approval based on current material availability.

Kindly fill up the Pre Order form stating the name of the terrarium and we will get back to you shortly.

Alternatively, you can leave us a message through the messenger at the below right hand corner and we will get back to you shortly.

Closed Terrarium

  • Terrarium
    Mountain Moss Waterfall Landscape Terrarium
  • Closed Terrarium
    805 Moss Terrarium
  • 806 Nature Terrarium
  • Closed terrarium
    801 Living in the Woods
  • Closed terrarium
    Dome Terrarium
  • Waterfall Terrarium
    Waterfall Terrarium A
  • Easter Island Terrarium B
  • Closed Terrarium
    Forest Terrarium 3
  • Closed Terrarium
    Forest Terrarium 2
  • Buy Easter Terrarium Now at $100!
    Easter Island Terrarium C
  • Closed Terrarium Forest
    Forest Terrarium
  • Easter Island Terrarium A
  • Easter Island Terrarium B
  • Suzuki Forest Terrarium

Open Terrarium

  • Open Terrarium
    804 Lovers Terrarium
  • Open Terrarium, Bonsai
    Turtle Bonsai Terrarium
  • Succulent Terrarium
    Lovers' Valley Terrarium
  • Zen Terrarium
    Zen Terrarium
  • Air Plant Namecard Holder
    Air Plant Namecard Holder
  • Jetty Terrarium
  • Succulent Terrarium
  • Arrowhead Kokadema
  • Monk Terrarium
  • Totoro's Garden Terrarium

Everlasting Terrarium

  • 809 Mini Moss Wall A
  • Be the Light Terrarium
  • Terrarium at $60!
    Love in the Air Terrarium