811 Mountainous Moss Waterfall Landscape Terrarium


Dimension: Diameter 10cm x Height 15cm

Package includes:

1 Watering kit

1 Care instruction postcard

Minimal watering required.

Self Collection at Yishun Mrt.

Out of stock


Fret over moisture control and sufficient lighting? Wouldn’t it be great if your terrarium provides you with telltale signs before it wilted off.

Welcome to our new design for year 2021!

Pine cones are added into our terrarium for moisture monitoring. Observe your pine cone opening up and closing based on the moisture level in terrarium. If it turns moldy, your terrarium is too wet!!!

Do you know our plastic mushroom ornament glows at night? During the day, it absorbs the UV light that falls onto the terrarium. The brighter it glows at night, it signifies your terrarium is receiving sufficient light for growth.

Come and get one of our easy to maintain terrarium before it runs out soon!